Jean Jacques de Jong

Jean Jacques joined the firm in 2011 after working as an in-house attorney at STMicroelectronics for 9 years, two of which he spent in the US, where he was confronted to the particulars of US patent law and licensing. While he was in the US, he passed the US Patent Agent exam.

Jean Jacques started his career in 1989 as an examiner at the European Patent Office, in Munich. Then he worked for 9 years in the IP firm Cabinet Beaumont, Grenoble, then one year at Hewlett-Packard before joining STMicroelectronics.

In addition to the usual expertise in the field of intellectual property, Jean Jacques also has an extensive experience with open source software licenses and open source strategies to adopt by companies.

Expertise: Electronics, data processing, software, mechanics

Degrees / Qualifications

Professional Representative before the European Patent Office (European Patent Attorney)

Intellectual Property Counsel (France), specialty patents

Graduate of the Center for International Intellectual Property Studies (CEIPI), specialty patents, trademarks and industrial designs

ENSAM Engineer